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Download Mens Health 2010-05/US, Maxim #4 (april 2010 USA), Hustler №7 (2010/USA) (192542) [22 May 2010|03:23pm]

Alice Goodwin Official Calendar (2010/USA) Maxim #4 (april 2010 USA)
Maxim №5/2010/ US Maxim 04/2010/Mexico Mens Health 2010-05/US
Playboy Lingerie Playboy's Vixens

Download Playboy's Vixens, Alice Goodwin Official Calendar (2010/USA), Mens Health 2010-05/US, Playboy Lingerie, Maxim 04/2010/Mexico, Maxim №5/2010/ US, Maxim #4 (april 2010 USA), Hustler №7 (2010/USA)

<ccowboy> @chanserv took over my chat-room!</p>
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Jay Chou's New Album [10 Sep 2006|12:32am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Jay Chou's New Album was just released on the 8th September 2006. Here's a list of the track names. As usual, it is still as good as ever!


01. 夜的第七章
02. 聽媽媽的話
03. 千里之外
04. 本草綱目
05. 退後
06. 紅模仿
07. 心雨
08. 白色風車
09. 迷迭香
10. 菊花台

Go get the wallpapers at the official website:
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Goldfish Don't Bounce [12 Dec 2005|08:04am]


GDB from Las Vegas is coming out with their second CD titled "The Space Between."  The CD was recorded/produced/mixed/mastered by RX Bandits lead singer, Matt Embree.  Head on over to www.gdbthespacebetween.com and listen to the entire album for free.  Also check out www.myspace.com/gdb for details on shows and where you can get their new CD.  They are also going on tour throughout the west coast in January.  Be sure to check them out.




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Mighty Casey and the Strikeouts [22 Nov 2005|06:32pm]

Hey I'm Anthony. I'm in a 3 piece punk band called Mighty Casey and the Strikeouts. We're located in Chicago. Take a listen and tell me what you guys think!

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New Interviews! TurboNegro, Mike Park. [09 Oct 2005|10:51am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

While RacketMag.com gets a facelift, we've decided to hold off on updaing the site until we get our new layout up and running. But that doesn't mean that we aren't still doing stuff. We just posted the interviews with Turbonegro and Mike Park in the blog section of our MySpace page! We have tons of new interviews coming up soon, but check out the ones we have already up on RacketMag.com!!

Jonathan Yost
Head Guy

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New Taiwan Punk Zine! [06 Sep 2005|02:31am]


The first issue of PKSM is now out!

The first bilingual punk zine in Taiwan featuring scene reports from Wu Han, China and Bandung, Indonesia, interviews with Darkbuster and the "Taiwan Happy Punks," reviews and more!

Available at the Underworld (45, Shi Da Rd., B1 Taipei (02) 2369-0103)

Impo Music Store (Roosevelt Rd, near Gung Guan MRT)

Mo!Relax Cafe (#20 Lane 60, Taishun St. Taipei)

The Wall (200 Roosevelt Road Section 4 B1 Taipei)

Anyone interested in distributing it elsewhere, please contact me.

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Whoa! [05 Sep 2005|01:35am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

And another new interview has joined the ranks on RacketMag.com: The Lawrence Arms!

Stop by and see what Brendan, Neil and Chris had to say about Fat Mike, Punk, and "The Best Album Ever!!"

If you want to keep updated on our other new interviews, stop by our MySpace Page!


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[26 Jul 2005|01:18am]
who wants a necklace??

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

go here
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Asian Man Records on MySpace?! [11 Jul 2005|11:51pm]

Ya darn tootin' Asian Man Records is on MySpace!!


New mp3's every week, including stuff from upcoming releases.

Be sure and tell all your friends!!


Asian Man Records on MySpace, oh my!

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[05 Jul 2005|06:46pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

click me

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Mike Park Show [02 Jul 2005|03:13am]

Attention anyone who lives in the mtero detroit area!!!!!!!!
Mike Park is playing at my house today
$5 4:30 pm
includes food.
go to my LJ for more info!!!!!!!
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[28 Jun 2005|03:16pm]
if youre interested in ...
Read more...Collapse )
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New band [31 May 2005|05:19pm]

That's No Moon...That's a Space Station has a Myspace account now! Download and listen to 4 songs here, http://www.myspace.com/thatsnomoon

For fans of Lighting Bolt and Hella.

Add us and tell us what you think.

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YES!!!!!!!!!!! [30 May 2005|12:25am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Just Joined and have to say that Asianman is the best record Company out there

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[23 May 2005|07:39am]


Everyone, be sure to check out some new mp3's from Vegas's finest ske/reggae/psychadelic/rock band, GDB.  Head on over to www.myspace.com/gdb to hear some rough mixes off of their new CD recorded by Matt Embree of the RX Bandits at the Elizibethan.  Thanks.


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[07 May 2005|02:14pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I saw Colassal, Mike Park and The Alkaline Trio last night in Cleveland, and my oh my was it gorgeous. I never knew who Mike was but I'm glad I found out. Have you picked up the Bruce Lee Band's newest CD? Not only does it have the RX Bandits musical stylings and greatness, but it also has Mike Park busting out some impressive vocals and awesome lyrics. I'm just excited I can contribute to such a great person and his great cause. Party on kids!

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The Music by Rumi [05 May 2005|12:57am]

The Music

For sixty years I have been forgetful,
every minute, but not for a second
has this flowing toward me stopped or slowed,
I deserve nothing. Today I recognize
that I am the guest the mystics talk about.
I play this living music for my host.
everything today is for the host.

I saw you last night in the gathering,
but could not take you openly im my arms,

so I put my lips next to your cheek,
pretending to talk privately.

The Music By Rumi (Jelaluddin Balkhi)
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Student Film Festival [17 Apr 2005|11:40pm]

I know this isn't really music related but what the heck.

FTI FILM FEST night is this FRIDAY APRIL 22nd from 6-9 pm at the Evergeen Valley High School Theatre (3300 Quimby RD, San JOSE)!!

$5 at door. Bring $money$ cause there's GOOOOOD food and also there'll be a raffling of prizes for those who come! Plus YOU CAN VOTE for your favorite student flick.

Please come!!! One of my very own films is to going to debut. It should be good for at least a laugh.
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[21 Mar 2005|09:58pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey this is a really important post.

So I entered this contest for Mike Park's Play in your Living Room and he said that on July 2nd around 8:30 PM he could play.

Here's the deal though.  I need to give him a $50 deposit on it and a $100 guarantee.  Any advice or suggestions?

For all of you who are totally oblivious to whom Mike Park is, he is the creator of Asian Man Records, possibley the best ska label.

General Danny

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Mighty Casey [17 Mar 2005|06:06pm]

Here my band Mighty Casey and the Strike Outs on 88.7 WLUW this friday at 11:30 pm

If you live all far and stupid or dont own a radio you can go to www.wluw.org and stream it magic style.

To get a preview of us go to: www.purevolume.com/mightycaseyandthestrikeouts

PS. Reggie sucks
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